Time Heals Every Wound

Time heals every wound, seriously!

Sometimes it’s hard to think that one day you will feel better, you will be happy, you will smile again. Trust me, I know. It may take longer than you hope but eventually you will be happy again.
Some tips to help you move on and get over the heartache faster:

1. Delete him from facebook, or at least block him.

This really helps you to get over your ex. These days it’s no longer just “what if I bump into him on the street?” but “what if his status changes or his relationship status changes on facebook?” So block him because we all know that you will check his facebook page continuously, which in the end will make it harder for you to get over him.

2. If you feel the urge to text him, sober or not, text your bff instead.

This is a great tip. With all the new technology we feel the urge to send a text, or an email in these vulnerable times. Why? Because it’s impersonal and he doesn’t feel pressured to respond. But this keeps you attached and brings back the sad feelings. Rather than sending him a text or an email, send one to your best friend.

3. Keep yourself busy.

Keeping busy is an easy way to get your mind off your ex. Join a team or activity to keep you busy a couple nights a week. Plan girls nights, because a night with the girls is always a sure way to keep your mind occupied.

4. Allow yourself some grieving time

If you completely avoid grieving/mourning/crying etc… over the lost relationship, even if it was your idea, it will probably all come crashing down on you eventually. If you give yourself some alone time to get it all out at once then chances are you are in the right mind to finally get your life started again.

5. Do something fun!

I believe that when you break up with someone, it is important to do something really fun. For example, going to Niagara Falls for the night with your best friends or planning a shopping trip in Buffalo, or just getting away to a cottage for the weekend. Not only does this get your mind off the break up, but it gives you something to look forward to that doesn’t involve your ex. Trust me, doing something fun will help you remember that you are still able to have fun without him.

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