Five Signs You’re in a Good Relationship

Ever thought to yourself “am I in a good, healthy relationship? Well here are five signs that are a starting point to answer your question.

Compromise without having to compromise yourself
All relationships require some form of compromise. When you are in a good relationship, both parties are willing to compromise and meet half way, not one person compromising and getting nothing in return. Compromises are meant to improve the relationship, not to improve an individual in the relationship. If you are compromising yourself because the other person is not happy with you, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate the worth of your relationship.

Communication is so important in any relationship, and good communication is an indicator that you are in a good relationship. You can start by communicating your feelings about a situation rather than keeping it bottled up inside. When you are upset about something, the best thing to do is to communicate the problem rather than fight about it, or keep silent. That will only destroy the relationship.

The only way to be in a relationship is if there is trust, and in order to trust you have to be honest with each other. It may be difficult to tell when someone is being truthful, but if you can trust the person then you are off to a great start. I say start with your gut feeling. If you feel that you can’t trust the person there is probably a good reason why.

Being supportive of one another is so important. And this means being supportive in every way, when they are sad or happy, making a huge decision or deciding what to eat for dinner. To be in a good relationship you both have to be there for each other, through everything.

Being your own person
I think this is the most important sign in a good relationship. Of course when you first start seeing someone you want to spend all your time with this person, and as you get older your priorities change and so does your lifestyle as a single person. But if you can maintain being your own person separate from the relationship but still continue to have all of the above then you know you are in a great relationship.
Being with someone should not change who you are, but enhance who you are. Staying your own person will only allow for the two of you to grow together and make the relationship stronger.

Compromising, communication, trust/honesty, supportive and being your own person are just a few signs you are in a good relationship. If you are still questioning your relationship then maybe it’s time for a reevaluation.


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2 responses to “Five Signs You’re in a Good Relationship

  1. Good tips. Communication is the key–it should be easy, but requires lots of effort.

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