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A Disastrous Week

I am about to embark on a week of major disasters, so I apologize in advance for my negative attitude.

However, the weekend was great! It was one of my best friends birthday on Friday and we went out to a karaoke bar. I hate singing in public but I did it anyway. We tried to sing “My Humps” by B.E.P, however, tried is the key word. It was a lot of fun though. Saturday was a lazy day. The boyfriend and I went to our usual breakfast place and headed over to his house to prepare for our meals this week since we are doing a cleanse. Saturday night we went and watched The King’s Speech, which I would recommend to anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, definitely deserved all the awards it received last night!

So why is this week not turning out so great already? Well late last night as the boyfriend and I were driving back to my place I realized I forgot my entire makeup case at his place. I didn’t want to turn around and make the trip back, so today I am makeup free… and I hate it!

And I did not sleep last night. I am pretty sure I have some kind of insomnia because when I don’t sleep on Sunday’s it sets me up for an entire week of no sleep. You would think it was the opposite where I would be so tired Monday night that I would pass out at 8pm, nope! I’ll be up tonight until about 1 or 2am. Also, I am the lightest sleeper in the entire world so any noise keeps/wakes me up. Today is a day I could definitely use the makeup to cover up the huge black circles under my eyes.

And this cleanse means I can’t have cream in my coffee, blah. Black coffee is not the ideal way to start the day, I hate black coffee. But then again, I wouldn’t be able to survive the day without coffee, black or not.

AND I dropped food on myself this morning in the car on my way to work.

Maybe I’m just complaining because it’s Monday.


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Top Ten: Hollywood Couples (That have lasted….so far)

Not many Hollywood relationships last. But here are ten that have… so far!

1. Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith
2. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn
3. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker
4. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
5. John Travolta and Kelly Preston
6. Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas
7. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
8. Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne
9. Michael Jay Fox and Tracy Pollan
10. Annette Bening And Warren Beatty

If these Hollywood couples can make it their marriages last, then it gives a little bit of hope for us normal folk.


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He Did Good!

After our discussion about dinner on Valentine’s Day I guess the Boyfriend realized how important it was to me, so he took me out for dinner last night to an Italian restaurant. I love Italian! And it was delish! After dinner we went and got a coffee and dessert and exchanged gifts. I wouldn’t even call what I got him a ‘gift’, it was a photo album of us from when we started dating. No big deal. But what did he get me? Well, he pulled out a little blue box with the white ribbon (ladies, I’m sure you ALL know what that means).

He did good friends, he did good!


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The Subtext of a Text

The most embarrassing thing happened to me on Friday.

The boyfriend didn’t go to work on Friday because he wasn’t feeling too great, so rather than getting a ride with him back to his place after work I caught the Go train. I wasn’t sure if I would make it to the earliest train in time, so I let him know I may have to wait until the next one which wasn’t for another 20 min. However, with only one minute to spare I ran through the station, bought my ticket and hopped on the train just before it left. So I made the earliest one!

The boyfriend, however, didn’t have the confidence in the public transit and thought I wouldn’t make it in time. He prepared himself for the later train.

Since it is Valentine’s Day today, and we spend so much time together, it’s rare that we have any time apart to actually get each other a gift. So even though he wasn’t feeling great he made his way out to get me something (at this point I still have no idea what it is). He expected I wouldn’t be at the station until later, so his timing was off. While I was on the train we exchanged a few texts with instructions letting me know how I would be getting home from the station. I got one from him that I didn’t decipher the way he wanted me to “I am with my mom”, so I continued to text him some personal stuff (get your minds out of the gutter, we weren’t sexting, it had to do with the trip home) but I wasn’t entirely sure what he was trying to tell me.

We stopped texting as I got off the train and made my way to his house. When I got there he was pulling into the driveway with his mother in the passenger seat (which at the time meant nothing).

The boyfriend then tells me that his mother was texting.for.him… I guess it never occurred to me that she was not keen on the idea of him texting while driving (especially since it’s against the law). Remember how I said I told him some personal stuff over text, stuff that I would NEVER, in a million years, think his mother would ever hear from me. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t even look her in the eyes without laughing. I guess I learned that when he tells me he his with his mom, that is his way of telling me not to say anything embarrassing… I mean I get it, he was nervous and didn’t know how to get the message across that his mother was texting for him. I don’t know what I would have done differently. It’s not like he was expecting me to say the things I said.

How do I get myself into these embarrassing situations?!?!


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Valentine’s Pre-Day Blues

Well it’s official I hate Valentine’s Day!

The boyfriend and I have been arguing constantly all weekend. For some reason this Valentine’s Day has caused so much stress. Maybe it’s just me but I want to go out for Valentine’s Day dinner. It’s hard to have a nice home cooked meal when I live with a roommate and he lives with his parents. It’s definitely too late to make reservations anywhere.

I’m sad because this is our first Valentine’s Day together. I guess it’s about time I give up on the idea that it can actually be a nice day. Or maybe I’m just being ridiculous about the idea of the Day.

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The Diet *sigh*

UGH I’m getting so pissed and annoyed!

Like every other girl on this planet I am trying to lose weight. I made that realization back in December just before the holidays when I stood on the scale and realized I weigh about 20 pounds more than I did 4 years ago… GROSS.

So ever since that depressing realization I’ve been working out between 3-6 days a week. I stopped drinking (well, I stopped drinking as much, I might still have a glass of wine every once in a while), I started eating somewhat better, but still having dessert almost every day. I feel good! I’ve tried to avoid weighing myself too much so that I don’t get discouraged. But two days ago I was at the gym, all sweaty and feeling amazing and I decided to take that step onto the taunting scale to see how much weight I may or may not have lost. You want to know how much weight I’ve lost?? Probably not, but I’m gonna tell you anyway, five pounds…FIVE.POUNDS?!?!?!?! In two months I’ve only lost 5 pounds. W.T.F?

This is so depressing… I thought I would have gotten on that scale and saw at least 10 pounds. Now when I watch the biggest loser I yell and curse at the women who are losing 9 pounds IN A WEEK and cry about it, saying it’s not enough blah blah blah…

So I’ve decided to eat even better! Because I can’t really work out too much more, unless I want my life to consist only of work and working out… EFFFFFFF THAT! I love love love carbs, more than anything in the whole world I love carbs! I can’t even think of the idea of cutting them out and being able to live. But I’m going to try. The only down side is EVERYTHING has carbs. Fruit, vegetables, milk, rice, pasta… everything! I live on my own, and cooking for myself is hard enough when I have pasta and sauce lying around my house, what on earth am I supposed to cook if I can’t even eat that?

So this weekend, my goal is to find things I can make that have less carbs and don’t cost too much. I’m determined to have a “beach body” by August when I go to Hawaii. I can’t be running a half marathon with my stomach hitting my chin on every bounce.


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When To Make The Big Move

When is the “right” time to move in with someone? And how do you know it’s the right time?

The boyfriend and I have been talking more and more about this, and we’ve thought about it separately as well. Which I think is very important when making a major decision like moving in together. But don’t get too excited, I still have a lease I need to live out until the end of July.

I’ve spoken to a few people, the ones that are important in my life and will openly share their opinion about the idea. I’ve had mostly good reactions to the idea, except one person. It made me think about the decision and whether or not we are moving too fast. I felt like I had to defend my decision, and it’s not even a final decision at that. We still have at least 5 months until we can move out together. Everyone else has expressed their excitement for me and have not thought twice about it.

In 5 months we will have been together for a year. We are not 17 anymore when the idea of moving in together seems years away. I mean, people get married before they are together for a year (rare, but it happens). I’m not saying that we are planning on getting married, we have just been talking about moving in together when my lease is up. We practically live together now, it’s just in two places. We rarely spend a night apart. It’s funny though, he still lives with his parents and I live on my own, but we spend more time at his house than mine. I definitely thought that when I moved out on my own we would be spending all our time at my place, especially since I pay to live there, but it’s been the opposite. We spend so much time at his place that my apartment doesn’t even feel like home.

Anyway, how does one decide that it’s time to make the big move and move in together? I know there are people who don’t agree with moving in before marriage, but for those who don’t see anything wrong with it, how long would you wait? Or maybe it’s not about the length of time you know someone, but how well you know them and feel comfortable with them. Thoughts?


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