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The Longest Day Ever!

It’s the eve of my super long weekend! Tomorrow is Canada Day (for those of you lovely readers who do not live in Canada) and my company is giving us Monday off as well (which I know is Independence Day), so let’s hope for beautiful weather and good times!

I had a post all ready about the “longest day of my life”, until I found out about my friend getting engaged. Now that’s all I’ve been able to think about. I’ve had dreams about EVERYONE getting engaged… it’s kind of getting ridiculous!!

But I’m determined to tell you all about my long day.

I learned three very important lessons Tuesday: 

  1. Zoom in on Google maps
  2. Never ever underestimate Google maps
  3. Never forget your cell phone

I had a personal meeting Tuesday afternoon all the way on the other side of the city. When I found out about the meeting I thought I would Google map the best route to get there. Since I don’t have a car, I used the public transportation option. It found 4 possible routes. I picked the one that would get me there the fastest and cost me the least amount. Google estimated it would take 1 hr and 13 minutes.

Based on past experiences with Google, I assumed this was over estimated. Routes have never taken me as long as Google maps said it would. But to be safe, I thought I would leave a bit earlier.

This meeting was very important to me, so for days I prepared. I rehearsed what I would say, I studied everything I needed to know and I had many conversations with the boyfriend and the boyfriend’s parents on what I should say. I felt ready, well… as ready as I ever would be.

I could barely sleep Monday day, I was too nervous. I got up a bit early to get my outfit ready, I made sure I ate a good meal so that when I missed lunch I wouldn’t be too hungry later and I packed everything I could possibly need just in case! The boyfriend and I were in the car on our way to work, I had notes to study while I was in the passenger seat, when it came to me… I forgot my cell phone. It was too late to turn around. “It’s ok” I thought “I’ll survive.” We get to work, and everything was going well, until I started feeling like crap. I had a headache, my stomach was killing me… maybe it was the nerves, but I was not feeling too good.

I decided I would leave at noon, this way I had some time to feel better, calm down and make my way across the city to my meeting with lots of extra time. I walked over to the mall, got myself some Advil, bought myself a smoothie and took some cash out of the bank to cover the cost of transportation. Since I didn’t have my cell phone, the only form of time telling I had was my iPod, but my iPod it not very reliable. Sometimes the screen turns on and other times it blanks out. But I was in luck, it was working today, and I was way ahead of schedule. I was actually concerned I was going to be over an hour early.

I got on the first train heading south. Because it was the middle of the day, there was a ton of seating. I grabbed a seat, pulled out my notes and started reading. About 20 min later it was time to change trains going west. I still had about an hour and 45 minutes until I had to be there and I was already 20 minutes into the journey. I take the train all the way to the very end of the line (which was the only station with a washroom, but one stop passed where I needed to get off). I use the washroom to re-do my makeup, which only took about 5 minutes. I head down to the trains again to head one station east. Since I was running early, I decided to take a couple of minutes and wait for the next train and go over my notes while sitting on the bench. The next train arrives and I head over to the station where I was to catch a bus.

It was at this moment I realized that I really didn’t have that much time. So I start to panic just a little. I have no idea where the time went, and how I went from being an hour and a half ahead of schedule to only 45 minutes to get there. Thankfully the bus arrived a little early, and we were on our way. My iPod was still working, so I was able to see the time and it kept getting closer and closer to the time I needed to be at the meeting. Then the bus stopped (I know, I know… buses stop, but this time it wasn’t at a bus stop) and three cop cars zoom in front of the bus and stop traffic. O-M-G what the heck is going on. We sit there for 10 min. I now have about a half an hour to get there. Whatever the commotion was, it ended and we were back on the move.

I’ve never been to this place before via public transit, so I wasn’t entirely sure where I was supposed to go. I took very detailed notes on when to get off the bus and which direction to walk etc… and when the street that I was told to get off at came up, it didn’t look right. I was sitting at the back of the bus, so I get up and run to the front to ask the bus driver if this street was close to 123 street, he said no. WHAAAAAT?!?!?!?! I panicked. I had no idea where I was, thankfully the bus driver knew where I was and told me not to worry, I just need to stay on the bus another two stops. (Lesson 1: Zoom in on Google maps so I know EXACTLY where to get off). The nice bus driver proceeds to tell me which direction I need to walk in to get to the address I was looking for.

*Side note, it was probably about 30 degrees and I was wearing a pant suit with heals.

So I get off the bus and walk in the direction the bus driver told me. I was curious of the time since I knew I was pushing it close, so I pulled out my iPod, and what do I find? A blank screen. I have NO idea what time it is, so I start running. I get to the street (thank god) and turn onto it. I was looking for number 12 (or so I thought). The first building I see is 14, “Ok great” I thought “It’s the next building.” Well, there was no “next building” on that side of the street. And on the other side? 29-33…

So here I am, probably already late for this meeting, in a BLACK pant suit, wearing heals and carrying the largest binder of my life, running back and forth on this small street and I could not find number 12.

Luckily there was a post man driving a post truck, so I bravely stupidly jump in front of it waving my arms like a mad woman to get his attention. He barely noticed me in time and slams on his brakes (he didn’t look too happy). I run over to the window on the driver side, tears running down my face “Where is number 12?” I asked. He looks back at me like I’m the biggest idiot to ever exist and says “Number 12 doesn’t exist” and drives off… Holy S**T. I don’t have my phone to call or to find the right address, I’m pretty sure I’m late and I’m sweating more than I would in hot yoga.

So I turn around and try it one more time. This time I decided to read the small signs on the buildings and realized that this whole time I should have been looking for number 29. There it was, staring me right in the face. But since I assumed I was already late, I take my time and walk to find the front door. When I thought I found it, it wouldn’t open “JUST GREAT!” I yelled (in my head). But I kept walking, and I found another door. I walk in and ask to speak to the person I was meeting. There was no clock, so I still had no idea if I was late and if so, how late I was.

At this point I didn’t even want to have this meeting. I was embarrassed I was late, I was sweating buckets and I’m pretty sure my makeup was running down my face from both the sweat and the tears (by this point I was crying, but I certainly felt like it). As I’m standing there, gasping for a drink of water, I turn around and see their alarm system, it has a clock on it… and it was 2:35pm… I was 10 minutes EARLY!!!!!!! I could have hugged anyone at the moment, but realized I probably smelled so bad.

I was told to take a seat; she would be with me in a moment. I immediately ask for the bathroom, run over to it and rip off my suit jacket. I had 10 min to dry off and fix my makeup. I was a thinker that morning since I realized I packed my deodorant. YES! So I dab myself dry, fix up my makeup and flatten my hair. I walked out and I still had about 7 minutes to sit down, cool off and have a drink of water.

Lesson 2: Never ever underestimate Google maps, and give myself an entire day to get somewhere that should have taken an hour and 13 minutes.

The meeting went great!

As I was walking out, proud of myself, I realized I didn’t save any change for the bus back to the station. But since I was in a good mood, I decided to walk. On my walk to the station I saw GO trains in the distance and thought that maybe it was a GO station (since I needed to get to one anyway to get home, I thought this was perfect). So I walk towards these trains, which took me through a construction site, and I realized that it was actually a train repair station. Well, since I already walked this far, I didn’t want to turn around. I saw lights up ahead and a bus drive by, so I knew I was near a main road. I walk for another 15 minutes and I was right. But I still had the issue of having no change. As I got closer to the street I saw a sign for a Tim Hortons, my savior. I get the change I need and an iced coffee and I’m set.

I got on the next bus to the station (the station I got off at originally to fix my makeup). I was so happy at this point. I was on my way home, I knew this station on a GO train station nearby and the meeting went great. But I had no idea what time it was. We pulled into the station and I make my way over to the GO station. When I got there the doors were locked. The sign said that it was closed until 4:30pm. What the heck was the time?!?! I swore it was at least 5pm.

Remember how I forgot my cell phone? Well, I needed to call the boyfriend to find out if he could pick me up at the station closest to home. I had exactly $.50 on me in change, and apparently that’s the new cost of public phones (I remember they used to cost only $.25). So I make my one phone call, and guess what I got, his voicemail, and the stupid phone ate my money. I left him a voicemail letting him know I was at the station, but I had no idea what the time was and I had no idea when I would be at the station near home. I told him not to meet me there and I would just walk (it would have been impossible to find him anyway). What felt like 3 hours later, the station opens up and I go and wait on the platform. And what felt like another hour, the train shows up.

I finally made it somewhat close to home. I was still on my pride high, and I start walking. I then realized I have no idea how to get home from the station. So I follow everyone else who looks like they are walking home and I find a pathway that seemed like the right direction. Since the boyfriend and I go for a ton of runs around the area, as soon as I walked through the pathway I had an idea where I was and proceeded to walk home. I get onto our street and the boyfriend pulls up beside me to drive me the rest of the way. I was so relieved, my feet were killing me. I got into the car and looked at the time and it was ONLY 5:20pm… ok seriously, what the heck? How was time NOT MOVING today?!?! I could have sworn it was closer to 7pm (at least that’s how I felt).

Since it was so early, we made it in time for our first bootcamp session of the summer. I think because I sweat out EVERYTHING I ate that day (which was only breakfast), the scale at bootcamp told me I lost another 3 pounds. I think I’m going to put on a pant suit every day and go for a run!!

Lesson 3: Never forget your cell phone because most of this day could have been avoided.

I’m exhausted just thinking about the day. That or this post took forever to write! (Sorry 🙂 Hope you stuck around for the whole thing)


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Never Foget Your Cell Phone!

I forgot my cell phone at home yesterday. Who knew how much I could miss in only a couple of hours? I’m addicted to my phone, it’s pretty much attached to my hand. I’m not necessarily texting all the time, but rather reading tweets, checking out what’s new on facebook, and reading bbm status updates as they come.

I got home yesterday after what felt like the longest day of my life! But that’s a whole other story. It was around 8pm while doing the dishes when I realized I still had not checked my phone. So I run upstairs with the dishtowel in my hand and grab my phone. 3 bbm messages, 26 emails and 11 facebook messages later I finally felt caught up. Well, that was until I got around to catching up on the million bbm updates and actually looking at the what’s new wall on facebook when I saw it, one of my high school friends got engaged yesterday.

It’s not like she is the first person from my high school to get engaged, or married or has kids, but she is the first one of my actual friends to get engaged. My roommate from university got engaged, but we stopped talking a few years ago. So this friend is the very first friend, who I still talk to, that is engaged. I’m not saying this means anything, or that I’m even invited (we’ll have to wait and see) but it’s given me this feeling all day that I can’t explain.

Part of this feeling is realizing that I’ve kind of grown up; we’ve kind of grown up. I mean, I’ve always known I’ve “grown up”. I have a grown up job, I’ve moved out of my parents (but kind of moved back), I’ve bought a car (but sold it), I’ve been saving to buy a house etc… but having one of my close friends from high school get engaged is completely different. That’s like REAL LIFE! Marriage is real, more real than living on my own or buying my own car or having a real job. It’s combining two lives into one, for life (at least that’s what we hope for when we make those promises at the altar). And generally kids come after marriage, and if that isn’t real then I don’t know what is.

The other part of this feeling is a bit of sadness.

I’ve always wondered what it would be like when my friends started getting married. I always questioned who would be first.

I have a small group of friends from high school that I still talk with, and an even smaller group from elementary school. I even remember having the “who do you think will get married first” conversation with these friends. We all guessed I would be last, which I still think is most likely the case. But we could never decide on who we thought would take the plunge first.

Over the years our group of friends has changed, people have grown apart and some have moved on. But I’ve always tried to keep in contact with everyone and stay in the middle (or out of the middle in some instances). There was a time when this friend (who just got engaged) and I were best friends; well there were actually three of us. We did everything together! But I was always the one who lived further away and it was harder for me to be around all the time, so naturally the other two were much closer. As we got older we changed (as anyone would) and we started to grow apart. And even though our friendships have changed and are not what they used to be, I’ve still thought about who would be the first to get engaged/married.

When it happened, it made me a little sad. I thought about all the things the three of us talked about, how we would all be in each other’s weddings, and who would be the maid of honour, and how we would decide that when the time came. Maybe those dreams about our perfect weddings with our best friends were silly, but they are the memories that bring a smile to your face when you think back on them.

I’m so happy for my friend and I only wish her and her husband-to-be a life time of happiness and love.


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Date Day

Lately my weekends have been feeling strangely long, but I’m not going to complain because it’s like I get a long weekend every weekend! This upcoming weekend is going to feel super long since I get Friday and Monday off. I can’t wait, I haven’t taken any vacation this year and I live for the long weekends.

This past weekend was really great. My dad and stepmom asked me awhile ago if I could take my younger brother to his baseball practice on Friday night and Saturday morning since they were both going away that weekend. I agreed. I figured they have done so much for me I may as well show my appreciation and do as they ask. It turned out to be pretty fun.

My dad and my step mother met when I was 8 years old and they had my brother when I was 12. So there is a pretty big gap in our age. When he was a baby I wanted to spend every single day with him; but as he got older, he slowly became the annoying little brother. When I moved out of my parent’s house last year, I found myself missing him. I always thought that we had lost the connection I had with him when he was little, but we are siblings and no matter what he will always be my little brother. However, in the last year he’s turned into my extremely tall little brother. I’m a pretty average person, in every way. I have the most average sized feet, the most average waist size and the most average height. I’m 5’5. In the last year my 13 year old brother has gone from shorter than my average height to probably over 6 feet tall. He’s taller than the boyfriend (haha). He’s also taller than my dad. Every time I see him he’s taller than the last time.

Anyway, it was nice to spend some quality time with him. We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do that. His baseball practice was cancelled on Friday night because of all the rain we had, so we ended up going to watch the boyfriend play baseball. There was a really creepy man (probably on drugs or something) who decided to serenade everyone at the field. He was a terrible guitar player and an even worse singer. After no one paid any attention to him, he decided that his mother was calling him home for dinner. So weird.

Saturday we had to get up super early to drive my brother to his baseball practice. The boyfriend and I were planning on running after we dropped him off, but it was still raining, so instead we went back home and napped. I haven’t napped in so long, it was so refreshing. After my brothers practice we dropped him off at a friend’s house in the city and the boyfriend decided to take me out on a day date.

Now I don’t know if it’s because he read my post or if he just happened to think about taking me out on a date on a whim. But either way, I was really excited.  We headed over to the Distillery District because this weekend was the Toronto Jazz festival, and there was one band playing there (if you’re not from Toronto, the Distillery District is this “village” in the city that is all brick and lined with restored industrial buildings and it has one of my favourite breweries, Mill St.).

Our first stop was a coffee shop. The weirdest thing happened, as soon as I walked in (I have never been to this coffee shop before in my entire life) I instantly recognized the place from a dream I had not too long ago. The dream was f’d, but it took place in this coffee shop. Maybe I’ve seen a picture of it before, but I know for a fact that I had never been there, so it was really trippy having the sense of deja vu. Oh, and there was a guy wearing Toms, I didn’t even know they were available for men. Guess what the boyfriends getting for his birthday?!?! Haha… It’s for a good cause!!

We walked around the Distillery District and went into the different shops until we finished our coffee, and then we headed to the Mill St. brewery where we both had a pint. I had my favourite beer, Mill St. Organic, and he tried something new, Mill St. Wit, which is a wheat beer and comes with a slice of orange. It was good, but nothing beats Blue Moon. That is my absolute favourite wheat beer.

After our beer, we made our way out of the district and over to Gretzksy’s (yes, like the hockey player, he has a restaurant in Toronto) where we met one of our couple friends for dinner and watched a comedy show at Second City. It was a perfect date day!  

Yesterday I ran 14.7K for the first time! I also bought these sexy new shoes that encourage barefoot running. My body hated me right after this run and my calves are punishing me today for running in new shoes. It was worth it! A year ago I could barely run 5K and now I can run more than twice that. I’m very proud of myself 🙂


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Top Ten: First Date Locations

I completely forgot I stated a “Top Ten” category until I went to clean out my drafts and noticed I had a whole bunch unpublished.

Here are some great ideas for a first date. I guess these could also be used to answer my cry for help.

1. Mini Golf
2. Coffee Shop
3. A walk – On a boardwalk or in a park
4. Baseball game (or other sports game )
5. Ice Cream shop – Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery
6. An outdoor movie
7. Skating/Rollerblading (depends on the weather)
8. Lunch in a cafe
9. A picnic in a park
10. A pub (yes, a pub! A few drinks definitely help guide a conversation along)

These are all really great frist date choices because they allow you to talk to each other and get to know one another. The reason I did not include a dinner date is because there would be no pressure to financially impress. I know that some girls are thinking that they would rather be taken out to a fancy restaurant and be wined and dined, but I think that the best way to really get to know someone is go somewhere where there is no pressure to impress with material things. Of course if the guy can’t afford to even buy you lunch then he is probably a dud, but I would save the fancy date until the second date.


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We Missed A Step

Monday’s are getting old. Especially the “it’s Monday… again!” posts.

I wish I had juicy stories to tell all you wonderful readers about. Maybe a fight the boyfriend and I had or a brand new relationship dilemma. But unfortunately I can’t fulfill those expectations.

Don’t get me wrong, the boyfriend and I argue. We aren’t perfect. But they are never exciting arguments, just petty little disagreements about whose father we will spend father’s day with, or what I want for dinner versus what he wants. Normal, simple, everyday relationship disagreements.

I’m also not saying that we handle every little argument with great ease and are all lovey dovey 5 minutes later. Sometimes the little arguments get blown out of proportion and we end up having an actual fight about it. But, we are both working on ways to handle things differently. I don’t like to talk about my feelings, or about the fight we just had. I would much rather cool off, wait a little bit and then resolve whatever caused the disagreement. Whereas the boyfriend likes to talk it out right away. So, we are working on a way that we can have a happy middle. We haven’t perfected it yet, but we’re trying.

We tend to get into little tiffs while we are working out. I’m so used to my ex being super competitive with me, that even while we were working out he always had to one up me, or be slightly ahead of me while running. I haven’t been able to get over that. So when the boyfriend and I work out that’s always going through my head. When he is one step ahead of me while running, I will try to catch up so we are running together and then he speeds up, so I get discouraged and think he is just trying to compete with me. He’s told me numerous times that he isn’t trying to compete, but I have to work on not jumping to that conclusion when he ends up ahead of me.

Friday night the boyfriend and I had a long-awaited date. We haven’t gone out on very many official dates. I think in the period of our relationship we’ve been out on four official dates now. What’s an official date? Well, a nice restaurant, nice clothes, a bottle of wine etc…

Our first date was back in August. I guess you could say we went out on a few dates prior to August, but then that would make me a cheater (since I was in another relationship up until the end of July).  But for our first real date, he picked me up all decked out in nice clothes with flowers in hand. It was such a nice evening. The second date was my birthday. Not as fancy, no flowers (although he did give me a birthday present the day before) but was a nice evening over all. The third date was Valentine ’s Day. This one would be comparable to my birthday. Beautiful gift (a Tiffany’s necklace) and a pretty good meal. And the fourth just happened on Friday night.

I took him out this time. I made reservations on a nice restaurant; we got dressed up and had a wonderful meal. But since we “live together” now dates just don’t feel the same. He doesn’t get me flowers; there is no pick up/drop off at the front door. I feel like we’ve missed out on an important part of the dating experience.  Is it wrong of me to want these things? I’m not a material girl, but flowers every once in a while would be a nice little surprise, or a planned date night.

We go out for dinner a lot, but it’s usually in a group setting. If it’s just us we usually end up at Subway, and that’s not very romantic. I get that we are trying to save money, but I’m sure there are tons of other options rather than spending too much money on a date.

And this is where I need your help. I would love to hear about your romantic/fun dates that didn’t cost a lot.


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It’s Only the Beginning

I think I’ve reached my boiling point and it’s time for a change.

Part of the reason I have been hesitant to start looking for a new path in my career is because I feel bad for leaving a company that has provided me with some really great experiences. If it wasn’t for this place, I wouldn’t have started my path in the right direction as early as I did. I really lucked out with this job.

I was fresh out of school, no job and no connections. I began my search for a full-time position online but saw no response. I had multiple interviews, but I had nothing, other than my education, to back me up. One of my friends had experienced the same problem and decided to go through a temp agency. I was hesitant because I heard only horror stories of temp agencies, but she assured me that it’s nothing like the stories I’ve heard. I tried it out and within a week I had interviews lined up.

Since I’m part of the generation that believes I don’t need to start at the bottom and work my way up, I can get a manager position right out of school, I was turning down some great opportunities with high-profile companies because I didn’t feel like the position was up to my standards. I had a reality check when I realized I was running out of the little money I had saved, a car I needed to pay for and my student loans creeping up on me. I took the next job after that. Which landed me here.

It was actually a pretty bad job. I started as a telemarketer. I did it for four months in order to pay for all my new bills (while looking for something in my field of study), until a position in another department opened up and I knew this was my opportunity. I got the job after a month of training, interviewing and proving I could do it without any experience. I was extremely thankful and worked my butt off to prove they made the right decision.

Jump ahead about a year when my manager leaves. Some background on the company, your only chance for a promotion is if someone leaves. I knew that my being here for only a year wasn’t long enough to grant a promotion, but I hoped that it meant some kind of growth opportunity for me. I had many talks with the senior management about my progression and that I would love to take on more responsibility. Initially, he was excited. I stepped up and took over the position for two months while they searched for a replacement. I was promised so many great things… that was until my new manager started.

Every promise that was made has slowly been revoked. I’ve lost more responsibility than I had even before my old manager was here. Although, I seem to be busier than ever. This could have something to do with the fact that the new manager doesn’t really know what she is doing and I not only have to do my own day-to-day work, but hers as well, without getting any credit for it. Every day I am presented with more and more frustration and I make a point to handle it all with a smile on my face. But this is all causing some serious stress when I get home. From 9-5 no one would ever know something was bother me (other than my friends who I talk to about it), but when I leave here I feel like a ton of bricks just fall on my head and shoulders and I want to crawl in a hole forever.

I would also feel terrible for leaving because so many people have left in the last year. I can see what kind of stress this is causing senior management. I don’t want to be part of that stress.

But another reason I get nervous when I think about looking for another job: my boyfriend works with me. We met here, we started our relationship here and I have no idea what I would do without him. We drive into work together, eat lunch together, and play on the work softball team together… I just can’t imagine being at work and knowing that he isn’t close by. I know that the day will come when we no longer work together and I believe that it would be a good thing for the relationship, but it’s scary taking that first step away from it all. It’s what I imagine a mother would feel like when her child starts daycare after spending every day together on her maternity leave.  

It would be a major change, but I think it would be worth it. I’m not as happy as I could be, and in turn I feel I am not giving my relationships (with the boyfriend, friends and family) all I can give.

But where do I start?


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NKOTBSB and Couples

I went to the NKOTBSB concert last week and it was phenomenal. I haven’t had that much fun at a concert in… well forever!! I screamed like a little girl (as did everyone else in the crowd) and I am still talking about the concert.

What was so interesting about the concert were the people. It was mainly women between the ages of 20-35, but there were a scattered few older/younger women, and men… yes, there were men at this concert, and not all gay men either.

Specifically, there were two couples sitting in front of me. Not together, it was obvious, but just so happened to be sitting next to each other. You could tell that the guy from the couple that was the directly in front of me was there because either a) he bought her the tickets and felt like he had to go, or b) she bought the tickets and forced him to go. About half way through the concert, he pulled out his phone, tapped the time and gave her a disapproving look. She just shrugged her shoulders. And while most of the people sitting around our area (and the entire stadium) was up dancing and signing, they just sat there, staring.

The other couple were quite different. They were dressed the same, for one. They both had on light blue jeans and a white t-shirt (cute?!?! I’ve heard this happens when you date someone for a long time, but lucky for me I live with the boyfriend so I am aware of what he puts on and completely avoid wearing the same colours). They started the concert out fine, sitting, being all cute and kissy. When NKOTBSB started they got up, as did everyone else, and started dancing. But he got really into it. He was singing along, dancing like crazy and when a “good” song would come on he would scream, turn to his girlfriend and hug and kiss her like it was his favourite song in the entire world (which, by all means, it could have been!). And I saw them after the concert, while waiting for the bus, he was proudly wearing his new concert shirt.

I think it’s really cute that he had a good time, maybe even a better time than his girlfriend. However, I must say that I am glad that my boyfriend didn’t want to come to the concert. I didn’t really ask anyway, but when I did out of courtesy, he said no… and I was thankful. After seeing these two couples it could have gone either way. He could have hated every second of it, which would in turn not be very fun for me, or he could have had a really good time and I would have to question our relationship (or maybe just find out he really likes boy bands).

Anywho, spring bootcamp finished last week. At least it’s only a two week break until the summer one starts. The boyfriend and I decided we would try the early morning workouts, so we got up just before 6am today. I’m exhausted today, but I’m optimistic and will definitely try it again!

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