Love Is A Battlefield

Sometimes I think I have it all figured out. And other times I realize I’m only 25 and there is no way I have anything figured out.

This past weekend was hard. It was a great weekend over all, but it was the point in our relationship that made me see things a little more clearly. Sure, I haven’t figured it all out yet, but I’m confident enough to say that I’m close.

This past weekend the boyfriend and I hit a couple of road bumps. None of which caused any permanent damage, maybe just a few scratches that were easily repaired. But these bumps made me realize that I have a great man in my life. I’ve always known he was a great guy (probably the best guy I’ve ever dated), but I never truly realized how perfect he was for me.

I’m extremely stubborn and when I think I’m right, I’m right! But these thoughts don’t really get me anywhere. In past relationships I would never have budged. I would have stuck to my guns no matter what! But I’ve come to realize that sometimes I’m not right (*gasp* I know, it’s crazy right?!) Sometimes my reactions are uncalled for and sometimes I need to apologize (this is something I was not very good at, and I’m still working on it). But I’ve realized that the boyfriend is worth these changes.

I’ve never had anyone who was this good to me. Sometimes I don’t believe that I have someone this great. I resort back to my old ways of thinking and pull myself into a hole where I can hide my feelings. I sometimes forget that he treats me with all the respect in the world and assume that this mistakes he makes are in spite of me.

I do not blame anyone but myself. I allowed myself to be in the relationships I was in for as long as I was. I allowed these guys to treat me the way they did, and I made myself believe that it was love. But sometimes it’s easier to blame others. Sometimes it’s easier to turn your back on the ones that really care and face those who treat you badly. And sometimes, but only sometimes, you get a glimpse of what could be and are terrified that good things just can’t happen to you. But no one is holding you down other than yourself.

This past weekend made me realize that I’m my own problem. I have to stop resorting to my old way of thinking (blaming others for my own problems, feeling sorry for myself and being so negative). It’s time I realize what I have, and what I have is more than I could have ever asked for.

I’m so in love with my boyfriend. We are coming up on a year, and although I’m sure I’ve said this before, this has been the best year of my entire life (so far). I still get flutters in my chest when I think about him and I hope they never die out.


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7 responses to “Love Is A Battlefield

  1. First time that I get to read a happy romance… the ones I get to read are women drowning in a sea of despair and it affects me so much. This is very refreshing. Nice post!

    greetings from california

    • I’ve noticed that a lot of blogs about “love” and “relationships” usually begin because someone experienced heartache. There is nothing wrong with that, and makes for interesting reads. It also provides a place for other people who are experiencing the same thing to share their experiences and helps with the healing process. But, as a “heartache=blog” victim, I can appreciate the need to read something more uplifting. And I am happy I was able to provide that 🙂

  2. I’m so glad that you realized this! I’m exactly the same I’m stubborn and don’t accept that I can be wrong and when I am wrong I don’t usually apologize. I too have been trying to change, but it’s great you are wanting to change for him! Good luck!

    • Thanks 🙂

      Part of changing is recognizing that you should change. Since you realize your stubbornness, eventually (when you’re ready) you’ll make an effort to change.

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  4. The Girlfriend

    Love this post, especially the beautiful relationship you have with your boyfriend! I used to be the same before I met my boyfriend; I refused to (and hated to!) admit that I was wrong. But he opened my eyes to what a relationship could be/achieve when both learn how to compromise. I’m happy for you, keep the posts coming! 🙂

    • It really is amazing when you realize that every other relationship just wasn’t right. I believe that I began to recognize my wrongs when I met the right guy.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

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