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The End

Well, after a lot of thinking I’ve decided to do the inevitable, I’m no longer going to be blogging. *GASP* I know, shocking, eh?

I haven’t blogged in a long time, and because life has taken over so much of my time, I don’t see myself blogging again like I used to.

It’s made me very sad, and I put this off for some time because I just wasn’t ready to let go of writing. However, to be honest, my blogs have become a diary of my life. I have been in my current relationship for almost 2 years now and I have nothing left to share. I’ve reached the end of my advice.

There are tons of things I am learning in this relationship, but because it’s current, I don’t feel comfortable writing about the ups and downs of it all. 

I won’t shut down the blog, because it seems people still read (thank you!!). And I still read my fav blogs that I grew to love through writing this one. But this will be the last post.

So thank you to all you loyal readers. And thank you for all the support throughout this blog!


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