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Date Day

Lately my weekends have been feeling strangely long, but I’m not going to complain because it’s like I get a long weekend every weekend! This upcoming weekend is going to feel super long since I get Friday and Monday off. I can’t wait, I haven’t taken any vacation this year and I live for the long weekends.

This past weekend was really great. My dad and stepmom asked me awhile ago if I could take my younger brother to his baseball practice on Friday night and Saturday morning since they were both going away that weekend. I agreed. I figured they have done so much for me I may as well show my appreciation and do as they ask. It turned out to be pretty fun.

My dad and my step mother met when I was 8 years old and they had my brother when I was 12. So there is a pretty big gap in our age. When he was a baby I wanted to spend every single day with him; but as he got older, he slowly became the annoying little brother. When I moved out of my parent’s house last year, I found myself missing him. I always thought that we had lost the connection I had with him when he was little, but we are siblings and no matter what he will always be my little brother. However, in the last year he’s turned into my extremely tall little brother. I’m a pretty average person, in every way. I have the most average sized feet, the most average waist size and the most average height. I’m 5’5. In the last year my 13 year old brother has gone from shorter than my average height to probably over 6 feet tall. He’s taller than the boyfriend (haha). He’s also taller than my dad. Every time I see him he’s taller than the last time.

Anyway, it was nice to spend some quality time with him. We haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do that. His baseball practice was cancelled on Friday night because of all the rain we had, so we ended up going to watch the boyfriend play baseball. There was a really creepy man (probably on drugs or something) who decided to serenade everyone at the field. He was a terrible guitar player and an even worse singer. After no one paid any attention to him, he decided that his mother was calling him home for dinner. So weird.

Saturday we had to get up super early to drive my brother to his baseball practice. The boyfriend and I were planning on running after we dropped him off, but it was still raining, so instead we went back home and napped. I haven’t napped in so long, it was so refreshing. After my brothers practice we dropped him off at a friend’s house in the city and the boyfriend decided to take me out on a day date.

Now I don’t know if it’s because he read my post or if he just happened to think about taking me out on a date on a whim. But either way, I was really excited.  We headed over to the Distillery District because this weekend was the Toronto Jazz festival, and there was one band playing there (if you’re not from Toronto, the Distillery District is this “village” in the city that is all brick and lined with restored industrial buildings and it has one of my favourite breweries, Mill St.).

Our first stop was a coffee shop. The weirdest thing happened, as soon as I walked in (I have never been to this coffee shop before in my entire life) I instantly recognized the place from a dream I had not too long ago. The dream was f’d, but it took place in this coffee shop. Maybe I’ve seen a picture of it before, but I know for a fact that I had never been there, so it was really trippy having the sense of deja vu. Oh, and there was a guy wearing Toms, I didn’t even know they were available for men. Guess what the boyfriends getting for his birthday?!?! Haha… It’s for a good cause!!

We walked around the Distillery District and went into the different shops until we finished our coffee, and then we headed to the Mill St. brewery where we both had a pint. I had my favourite beer, Mill St. Organic, and he tried something new, Mill St. Wit, which is a wheat beer and comes with a slice of orange. It was good, but nothing beats Blue Moon. That is my absolute favourite wheat beer.

After our beer, we made our way out of the district and over to Gretzksy’s (yes, like the hockey player, he has a restaurant in Toronto) where we met one of our couple friends for dinner and watched a comedy show at Second City. It was a perfect date day!  

Yesterday I ran 14.7K for the first time! I also bought these sexy new shoes that encourage barefoot running. My body hated me right after this run and my calves are punishing me today for running in new shoes. It was worth it! A year ago I could barely run 5K and now I can run more than twice that. I’m very proud of myself 🙂



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Post St. Patrick’s Day

I love St. Patrick’s Day.

I used to love it in University because it was an excuse to set my alarm for 9am to start drinking. But as I got older (and hopefully more responsible) 9am drinking is out of the question.

So why do I love it so much?
Well, I pretty much love any occasion where I can wear something that looks ridiculous to the bar. I love that the entire theme is green, including the beer. And I love how everyone is Irish for the day. Not that I am Irish, but it’s nice that for one day everyone is the same “race”. The Irish don’t hate on those who are not actually Irish but celebrating it anyway.

It was the boyfriend and my first St. Patty’s Day celebration. It was fun! We dressed in green all day. After work we headed down to a pub to meet some friends. Lines already out the door, we were lucky it was a nice day (the luck of the Irish, I don’t think I’ve experienced bad weather on St. Patrick’s Day). Once inside there were no tables. We were the first ones there, so I scouted the area to see if there would be a potential of one opening up soon. And that’s when I spotted a table of a much older crowd (much much older). I made my way over to the table in hopes they would leave early. While I was standing around trying not to look like I was waiting for them to leave, one of the older men decided to strike up a conversation with me. First he decided to make fun of me for having a green beer, and that you could never find one of those in Ireland. And that’s when I realized they were all Irish. That’s when I thought that maybe they wouldn’t leave as early as I thought. The Irish know how to drink! But then the oldest lady thought it was a good idea to lift the kilt of a man walking by, they must have been there awhile. That’s when her husband told her to get her coat because it was time to go. SCORE! We got a table.

And the night just got better from there. I started out the evening with a green t-shirt on, and finished it with a “Kiss me I’m Irish” button, clover stickers on my face and chest, a green whistle and a large green hat on my head. Oh and I can’t forget a green tongue. I’m just glad I only had 3 green pints and left the bar by 10pm, who knows if I would have made it to work today otherwise.

I hope everyone else had a great St. Patty’s Day!

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