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Post St. Patrick’s Day

I love St. Patrick’s Day.

I used to love it in University because it was an excuse to set my alarm for 9am to start drinking. But as I got older (and hopefully more responsible) 9am drinking is out of the question.

So why do I love it so much?
Well, I pretty much love any occasion where I can wear something that looks ridiculous to the bar. I love that the entire theme is green, including the beer. And I love how everyone is Irish for the day. Not that I am Irish, but it’s nice that for one day everyone is the same “race”. The Irish don’t hate on those who are not actually Irish but celebrating it anyway.

It was the boyfriend and my first St. Patty’s Day celebration. It was fun! We dressed in green all day. After work we headed down to a pub to meet some friends. Lines already out the door, we were lucky it was a nice day (the luck of the Irish, I don’t think I’ve experienced bad weather on St. Patrick’s Day). Once inside there were no tables. We were the first ones there, so I scouted the area to see if there would be a potential of one opening up soon. And that’s when I spotted a table of a much older crowd (much much older). I made my way over to the table in hopes they would leave early. While I was standing around trying not to look like I was waiting for them to leave, one of the older men decided to strike up a conversation with me. First he decided to make fun of me for having a green beer, and that you could never find one of those in Ireland. And that’s when I realized they were all Irish. That’s when I thought that maybe they wouldn’t leave as early as I thought. The Irish know how to drink! But then the oldest lady thought it was a good idea to lift the kilt of a man walking by, they must have been there awhile. That’s when her husband told her to get her coat because it was time to go. SCORE! We got a table.

And the night just got better from there. I started out the evening with a green t-shirt on, and finished it with a “Kiss me I’m Irish” button, clover stickers on my face and chest, a green whistle and a large green hat on my head. Oh and I can’t forget a green tongue. I’m just glad I only had 3 green pints and left the bar by 10pm, who knows if I would have made it to work today otherwise.

I hope everyone else had a great St. Patty’s Day!


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A Birthday Wish

I have this friend who was celebrating her birthday this weekend, and this friend seems to have similar luck as I do when it comes to celebrating her birthday. I’m not sure if it’s because of the time of year, but it seems that almost every year her birthday, and mine, are forgotten about. But I guess it just shows who your friends are when your birthday rolls around.

I have come to resent my birthday, at least the celebrating part. Last year I boycotted it and just went out for dinner with my boyfriend at the time. Two of my friends ended up taking me out (even though I paid for myself haha) and bought me a cake, which was really nice! But I refused to even consider celebrating it. Usually I plan my birthday well in advance because I know how hard it is to make time around the holiday’s (my birthday is a week before christmas) and at first I generally get a good response from people. But as soon as my birthday celebration day rolls around, no one shows up. And that has been the trend for a few years. Just as my friend’s birthday (which was supposed to be a surprise) rolled around, most people cancelled that it could no longer be a surprise party. It made me really sad, not only because I know how it feels, but that like me, she is the one person that goes to EVERYONE’S birthday/party/celebration, no matter what the event is she’s there. It made me sad because it was supposed to be a surprise and her boyfriend worked hard at making it happen and so many people cancelled.

I don’t know what it is about birthday’s but I love them, all of them. Whether it’s mine or a friends I think it is the one day that should be about you. I try to make it special for people, I try to make it a full day about them. And even if I can’t be with someone for their birthday, I think about them on their day. Not just a facebook message, but a text and an email. And even though that doesn’t seem like much, to me its the little things that count. But I always try to be there for their birthday, because even just being there is nice.

There is one birthday that I will never forget. It was my second year in university and my birthday fell on a Saturday (it sucked because during university my birthday was always during exam time) but this year it worked out, either my friends were ending their exams ON that day, or had a big enough break until the next one that they could all go out. It was Saturday night and I was about to hop in the shower when I get the news, the news that my birthday was cancelled.. I never knew that your birthday could be cancelled by other people. So I ended up crying most of the  night, mainly because that year I had made all their birthdays as special as I could, and in return mine was cancelled. It was that birthday that was a turning point for my hate towards my birthday.

I still love other people’s birthday, but every year when mine rolls around, I get these butterflies in my stomach and wish that I could just sleep through the entire day.


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