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Top Ten: First Date Locations

I completely forgot I stated a “Top Ten” category until I went to clean out my drafts and noticed I had a whole bunch unpublished.

Here are some great ideas for a first date. I guess these could also be used to answer my cry for help.

1. Mini Golf
2. Coffee Shop
3. A walk – On a boardwalk or in a park
4. Baseball game (or other sports game )
5. Ice Cream shop – Marble Slab or Cold Stone Creamery
6. An outdoor movie
7. Skating/Rollerblading (depends on the weather)
8. Lunch in a cafe
9. A picnic in a park
10. A pub (yes, a pub! A few drinks definitely help guide a conversation along)

These are all really great frist date choices because they allow you to talk to each other and get to know one another. The reason I did not include a dinner date is because there would be no pressure to financially impress. I know that some girls are thinking that they would rather be taken out to a fancy restaurant and be wined and dined, but I think that the best way to really get to know someone is go somewhere where there is no pressure to impress with material things. Of course if the guy can’t afford to even buy you lunch then he is probably a dud, but I would save the fancy date until the second date.


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Top Ten: Things not to say on a first date (Men)

1. “Want to come back to my parents place?”
2. “I’ve slept with __ amount of girls”
3. “Does this rag smell like cloroform to you?”
4. “Can you pay? I’m currently out of work”
5. “I bet I could chug my beer faster than you.”
6.”My greatest achievement is reaching level 85 on World of Warcraft.”
7.”Oh shit, I’ve got a boner”
8.”Be right back, I have mud-butt.”
9. “Oh… you’re a woman?!”
10. “Could you close your eyes for a second, I just wanna imagine what you look like unconscious.”

I’m sure there are so many more things men should not say on a first date. Do you have any suggestions that can be added to the list? I would love to hear stories of things men have said on first dates that have totally turned you off of him.


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