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Day Two of Three

Today is day two of three, and I know you are all itching to hear what I have planned without the boyfriend. Well today I am at work, as per usual, eating my lunch at my desk so I can take off a little early, because right after work I am going to a very popular work out class. Apparently it fills up fast! Then I will be heading to a very dear friends house for dinner and some hang out time. Since I didn’t get around to cleaning yesterday I may attempt to do some of that tonight, otherwise I will be dedicating tomorrow night to some GTL (Gym, take-out, laundry).

Do I miss the boyfriend? You have no idea how much. Because not only do we not get to see each other, but we can’t even talk on the phone (damn long distance). So far our time apart has taught me that I love him more than I thought I ever could love someone, that I am a big girl now, and that I don’t need to listen to other people who think we spend too much time together, because frankly I think we spend JUST enough time together!

I can’t wait for the weekend!! It’s one of my best friends birthday party, where both the boyfriend and I will be attending together *gasp*.


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