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Our Anniversary in Maui

So it’s been over a month since Hawaii, but let’s see if I can remember it all…

Saturday night (the same day as the half marathon) we head back over to Maui. It was a long day and sleeping on airport benches are not fun, but we got to our resort and went right to bed. Sunday was our planning day. We booked all our adventures for the week and we went grocery shopping (the benefit about having a kitchen was we didn’t have to spend a ton of money on eating out). We were having a contest between the girls and the boys. We were required to make dinner one night, the girls one night and the boys another, then the boyfriends parents were going to judge who’s was better. The boys had to make theirs the next night and we were scheduled for Thursday. Lucky for the guys, we didn’t have much planned for Monday. We were going surfing in the morning but had nothing else for the rest of the day. It took them hours to make dinner. It wasn’t bad, and you’d be surprised to learn that this

didn’t taste horrible… it was actually quite good.

Surfing was so much fun! I’ve never done it before, and I was pretty nervous, but I picked it up fairly quickly. Tuesday we had planned to go to a luau for dinner, so Tuesday during the day the girls went shopping and the boys went golfing. I never really knew what a luau was, but it’s exactly like what I pictured. We eat dinner on the beach during sunset and they have a show of Hawaiian dancers and fire throwers. It was all you can drink, but with the boyfriends parents there I wasn’t going to drink too much.

Wednesday we drove to Hona which is an old traditional Hawaiian town. There is also a trail that you can walk that takes you through a bamboo forest and ends with a tall waterfall. It was gorgeous. We went into another town to do some shopping during the day and that night the boyfriend uncle made dinner for everyone.

So I haven’t mentioned what the boyfriend got me for our one year anniversary. At this point I was pretty upset. I tried to hide it, but as the week went on I just felt more and more hurt. Wednesday night after eating dinner, he pulled me aside and handed me a bag. I immediately started crying. This is very silly, but I was already so upset that it was 4 days after our one year I don’t think anything could have made me feel very good about the situation, and the fact that he handed it to me without a card/flowers/anything just made it worse. When I look back on the situation, I may have been a little tough on him and he did pick out a very nice gift. He bought me a gold Plumera flower ring with a small diamond in the center. The Plumera flower is the national Hawaiian flower. I realize now that it was a tough situation to be in. We were in Hawaii with his family so there really wasn’t the right time and place for a gift. And he did want to get me something from Hawaii for our anniversary, so I understand why he waited. I forgave him almost immediately after I let out my built up tears. He felt really bad and I felt really guilty for making him feel bad.

Now with that off my mind I was able to think more about the fun I was having. Thursday we went ziplining down an inactive volcano. It was the girls night to cook. Unfortunately we didn’t have as much time as the boys. We got back from ziplining around 7pm and everyone was starving. I sliced my finger open and the guys ended up helping us bbq while I tended to my finger. I’m biased, so I think our dinner was much better than the boys, even though we rushed.

Friday morning we went kayaking and snorkeling and we got to see sea turtles and some other water creatures. I could do that for the rest of my life, no wonder people move to Hawaii. That night we went to a restaurant called Mama’s Fish House and I don’t really like fish that much, but that was the best meal I had all week there. Maybe even on my top 5 list of best meals in my entire life. The fish in Hawaii is so fresh, it doesn’t taste anything like the fish you buy from your local supermarket.

Saturday was our last day. We did a bit of shopping in the morning and lounging by the pool in the afternoon since we didn’t really get a chance to do much of that during the week. And then we were off to the airport for our day long trip back home. We left Hawaii at around 10pm their time and arrived home at 7pm eastern time. It was a long day and I was jet legged for the entire week but it was definitely the best trip in my entire life.The love of my life!


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Hawaii, Half Marathon, Anniversary

It’s been awhile, huh?

So much has happened and yet I haven’t had much to say. I’ve been exhausted, I’ve been busier then I have ever been in my entire life and I keep thinking about my blog. I miss it, I miss reading my favourite blogs. It doesn’t help that I don’t own a computer of my own. Well, I do, but I haven’t seen it in over a year.

As you all know I went to Hawaii with the boyfriend and his family (the parents, the sister, the sisters bf, the uncle, the cousin and the uncles friend). It was the best vacation I have been on in a long time. It’s right up there beside Italy.

Our trip started out on Thursday August 18. We got up at 3am so we could get to the airport for our 7am flight. After two flights we arrived in Maui, but that wasn’t the end of our travels. A couple of months ago the boyfriend and I were thinking about running a half marathon this summer. So what better place to run my first half marathon than in Hawaii? We looked up local runs and we found one, but it was on another island. Our trip to Maui was already booked, so we didn’t want to change our flights. Instead, we booked a small island hopper.

I’m not sure if I have ever shared with you my extreme fear of flying. Well, I’m terrified of flying. I hate it. I hate the take off, I hate the landing and I hate everything in between. So I wasn’t feeling too happy about a small 9 seater.

Anyway, I suffered through it (it really wasn’t as bad as I thought), and we arrived on the big island at 8pm Hawaii time (that’s a 6 hour time difference, at this point we have all been awake for 23 hours).

We had one full day until the run. We felt so restricted. We didn’t want to eat anything too heavy, we couldn’t drink anything and we had to be in bed by 8pm the latest since we were getting up at 2:30am. So the first day in Hawaii was a little uneventful. We did do a little shopping and I bought myself and the boyfriend a pair of sunglasses.

Side note, August 20 is the boyfriend and my anniversary. Our run was on August 20. So the sunglasses was my gift to him.

It’s the morning of the race, and lucky for us we kept on the eastern time zone so when we woke up at 2:30am it really felt like 8:30am. Now this part is my favourite part of the whole trip (it will be an ongoing joke, that’s for sure). Since we were staying in the town of Kona (best coffee ever!) and our run was in Volcano two hours away, no cab was willing to drive us. So what did any normal person do instead? Take a limo of course! So we pull up to a community center in the smallest town in Hawaii. People were shocked. They had no idea who was inside the limo. They tell the limo driver he can’t park where he was because it would take up too much space, so we move it to a more hidden area. The driver stayed there throughout the run since he was going to drive us back. Apparently people were asking him who he drove in the limo, and his response? “Oh I can’t tell you, it’s top secret.” When we finished the run, we didn’t wait around for the awards. We decided to head back to the hotel to get ready for our flight back to Maui. As we drove off in our limo, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was staring! It was hilarious.

I bet you’re all wondering how the run went. Well I finished it! And that’s all that matters. But I did set another goal for myself and it was to try to finish it in under 2 ½ hours, and guess what? I did! I am very proud of myself, this was a huge accomplishment!

The first thing we do when we get back to the hotel (after showering of course) was head to the bar and get our first drink of the vacation. While we sat around the pool sipping our fruity drinks, it was then I knew this was going to be the best vacation.

What did the boyfriend get me for our one year? Well, there’s more to come. I don’t want to waste the whole story in one post 😉


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